Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guinness - A unique taste...

Alright I know what you are thinking right now, "Guinness everyone has had Guinness why do you have to review that. Two reasons, one to let you know it's Guinness stout not just Guinness and two because this beer was a year old...

I agreed to meet up with my girlfriend for St. Paddy's day and share a beer or two while watching some DVDs. So I get there knowing she has the majority of a case of Killian's Irish Red, not quite the most Irish beer on the block despite the name (It's brewed by Coors a company I have a love/hate relationship with, but mostly hate.) I get there bringing a four pack of Pepsi Natural witch I had been waiting for as I had to drive home at the end of the night and didn't want a DUI on my record, when my girlfriend tells me that she found four bottles of Guinness Stout Draught in her fridge, left over from last St. Patricks day. She laughed about it and was about to throw it away when I grabbed her and said na I'll drink it, after all it's been in a closed drawer in your fridge so no light has gotten to it and Guinness is a pasteurized drink so I doubt it would get too funky over the year.

Well I was kinda right, it stayed pretty close to taste and the widget still worked, but something was just off... It had gained a little bit of an almost sour note in the aftertaste not necessarily bad just, not what I was expecting. I was unable to get her to try it witch I find kind of funny since she is more willing to try foods then I am, though I guess I'm better at trying beverages then her. well I hot about 1/4 of it drank on her couch (from a blue hexagonal glass she had since there were no pilsner glasses around) when it tipped backwards and coated my lower back and ass with the frothy brew. I was able to change into a pair of scrubs she had laying around and I was able to finish off the other 1/4 that had not spilled out.

So what's my final word on this experience... Well if pressed I would have to say if you decide to try a year old bottle of Guinness Stout, make sure your girlfriend has a pair of scrubs.

Yea that makes perfect sense.