Monday, January 26, 2009

Grimbergan Dubbel

Another Belgian...

Grimbergan was an abbey in Belgum famous for well... getting destroyed, in the 1500's it was a casulty of a local war. The abbey has been rebuilt and restored since.

If I say this once I'll say it a million times, monks know how to make a mean brew.  I love abbey beers and Trappists and I'm sure you will be seeing quite a few reviews of them on here.  My story with this beer goes back to one of the first time's I have gone to The Sharp Edge, I wanted something nice a smooth and this was reccomended to me.  I recently found a distributer in my area up at Save on Beer in Cranberry, great selection.  I grabbed this on my way home to go watch the AFC championship game, Steelers vs Ravens.  I had only had this on tap before so it was refreshing to find that the bottle wasn't far off in flavor.  The pour is nice with an off white head and nice lacing left behind.  This beer is smooth it goes down as easy as a glass of milk.  Since this brew is a brown you can expect a nice malty backbone with chocolate and carmel flavors in there too with just a hint of fruityness.  I think I chilled mine for a bit too long as the flavor and nose got better as it warmed up although I've noticed this when I get it at the bar as well.  I have a certian fondness for this beer, I think it may be how smooth it is.  This is my regular when I get out to The Sharp Edge while there are many choices out there this is the one I tend to fall back on the most, when I'm not in the mood for something new this is like an old favorite blanket something you just wanna curl up with from time to time and forget about everything else.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Leffe Blonde

Only real notable beer I had this weekend was a simple favorite of mine, Leffe Blonde.  Leffe is a Belgian abby that has fallen on many hardships over the years fire, flood and even the hell that is war.  Now a days Leffe is brewed by InBev one of the largest beer based companies on the planet.  Now back to the beer itself, Leffe Bonde as  you would expect is a nice light brew really creamy and smooth.  Maltiness and a vague fruit flavor are probably the most prominent and there are definite buttery hints in it as well oh and as with most Belgians you can defiantly taste the yeast in there.

I'm rather fond of this beer, light taste with a low alcohol content makes it a wonderful everyday style drink.  It's my choice when sitting around at my friends house watching bond movies or playing video games.  On a side note this is one of the few beers I can get my mother to drink besides Miler Light (yea I know)